Swaziland Dam

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Rotary Club of North Fulton and Heart for Africa
are partnering to build a dam in Swaziland Africa
         The dam will be used for irrigation and will provide two additional harvests
         The dam could also be used for growing Tilapia an excellent source of protein
         We are close to having this project funded with help from The Rotary Foundation and a few other clubs we expect to start construction in 2013.
The Dam project is part of Heart for Africa’s project Canaan



Water Project - Dam 3 Project Canaan currently has two dams that hold approximately 50 million gallons of rainwater when full.


Current usage levels


  • 80% of the water in a dam can be used for irrigation. The balance must remain in the dam to maintain the dam's structural integrity
  • Water available in current dams to irrigate - 50,000,000 gallons x 80% = 40,000,000 gallons

Water needed for irrigation during the dry season (March through the end of October)


  • 8 months with an average of 30/days/month = 240 days of irrigation
  • 90 acres needs 270,000 gallons/day to irrigate, (through almost 60 miles of drip tape)
  • Total water needed during the dry season 270,000 gallons x 240 days = 64,000,000 gallons
  • With this amount of water Project Canaan will have up to three harvest a year instead of one during the rainy season (assuming there is no drought)

New dam needed


  • Will be located on the right side of the current bridge on Project Canaan
  • 65 feet high, 250 feet long, 280 feet wide at the base, 26 feet wide at the top
  • The road on to the property will be diverted from going over the bridge to go over the dam
  • The new dam water capacity will be in excess of 70,000,000 gallons of which 56,000,000 gallons can be used for irrigation
  • With this new dam there will be enough water to irrigate all the fields. The water will also be used for the planned aquaculture project - growing of Tilapia fish for an excellent source of protein for the children and for highly profitable export

Cost of new dam Budget - $360,000 Special thanks to these other Rotary clubs for their generous support:

Dunwoody GA 

Cape Girardeau

East Cobb

Ottowa Canada

Sandy Springs